Inspiring Families  

We want to share with you stories about inspiring families who get out and embrace the NZ environment around them!  May these tales inspire you and your family to try something new or explore somewhere you have never been and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures!

To share your stories or if you know of other inspiring families who might like to share there tales with us too, please get in touch via 

McNeilly Clan

For the past few years we have been floating about NZ waters

as a family on-board our home Highlander.

Highlander is our loyal, solid kauri sanctuary. She is not only our means of transport across the sea, but our cosy berths, and platform for adventure.

She holds many a treasured memory and has plenty more in the making.

Glen and I have chosen this lifestyle for many reasons but mostly in hope of showing our children Jessica (13) and Hector (12) how wonderful New Zealand is, to open their eyes to nature and to experience the simple wonders on land and sea.
We are proud to be associated with CKNZ and are delighted to share some of our family stories and adventures.


O'Donnell Family

As a family we love to get out and explore the world around us. 

We love to go tramping, kayaking or just camping in new regions explore all the hidden gems that area has to offer.

We also know how over wheeling it can be to explore with children, so we wanted to share what we learn and all our tips and tricks as go.

We love that by sharing our adventures with you it helps to inspire you to explore as well.

We wanted to help make it easier for you to get out and explore so we started a family website called Wander-Full Adventures to share our adventures and helpful information on. 

So if you are heading to an area, check out our website before you go and see what we exciting places we found to explore that might interest you as well.

Happy Adventuring everyone.