Collection Point Recycling

Did you know Envirohub Marlborough is a collection point for

numerous recycling programs? 

Although we would prefer everyone to choose reusable items first and foremost, we also love initiatives like these that recycle and then reuse! 

Feel free to drop any of the items below into the Picton Environment Centre at 14 Auckland Street, Picton on Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and we will ensure they go back into circulation to be reused.


We also have a new Recycling Collection Point at the MySpace Youth Centre. You can drop off household batteries, bread tags, aluminium can tabs and aluminium wine bottle caps at 18 Kinross St. in Blenheim on Monday to Friday from 10am to 5:30pm 


Thank you for actioning the 5 R's

Rethink- Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle 


Aluminium Can Tabs & Aluminium Wine Bottle Caps

Kan Tabs for Kids goes towards supporting the families of children on dialysis, and is the largest nationwide Lions Club project. The tabs and caps are collected in their thousands, and packaged before being sent to metal merchants for weighing and payment. A single cap works out to the equivalent of one second on dialysis.


Clean Used Razor Blades- Any Brand

You can drop your clean used blades into Envirohub Marlborough and we will package them correctly and send them back to Caliwoods for repurposing or recycling. Product Stewardship at it's finest!


Beer Bottle Caps

Beer bottle caps can be recycled for scrap metal and made in to new products. Awesome! 


Dish Care and Air Care Packaging


Any brand of dish care and air care packaging can be recycled through this TerraCycle program.  Please use your kerbside recycling for plastic bottles and cardboard packaging- This program is great for the foil bags that dishwasher tabs come in and the air freshener cans that can't be recycled kerbside. 


Used Good Nature Gas Canisters

These are made of recycled and recyclable steel. Picton Dawn Chorus collects these once used and takes them to a local facility to be melted down and used again.


Toothbrushes, Toothpaste Tubes, Floss and Mouthwash Containers

Drop off Colgate brand only oral care waste and Envirohub Marlborough will send them to TerraCycle to be made in to new recycled products. Please remove all toothpaste and floss from the countainers and recycle the cardboard packaging in your recycling bin.


Silicone Products

Munch is running a pilot program to turn unwanted silicone (baby bowls, muffin trays, teethers, bibs, etc) into new products made in New Zealand. If you have any silicone products that are no longer of use (of any brand!) bring them to us and we will send them to Munch to be recycled. 

wool bag.webp

Wool Pouch from Bargain Box / My Food Bag

We would love to collect the wool pouches that keep food cool in the meal box deliveries. This wool pouch can go in your garden or compost but Picton Dawn Chorus is collecting them to cover new native seedlings. Please save them up for us and drop them off at 14 Auckland St. Thank you!