Zero Waste Advice

& Assistance

Envirohub Marlborough thanks you for your interest in caring for our environment and working towards a zero waste goal!

As we are a charitable trust, we do ask for a small donation for our time and to continue providing this service.


Please find suggestions below..


Initial Waste Minimisation Consultation

$150 for commercial organisations or $100 for charitable organisations

This is 1.5 hour session that consists of an approx. 40 minutes meeting with you learning about your event and discussing basic ideas for waste minimisation. Once we have the information, we will use the remaining time to design and email you a basic ‘Zero Waste Plan’ for you to work with.


Follow up consultation

$100 for commercial organisations or $50 for charitable organisations

1 hour session expanding on the Zero Waste Plan and providing assistance as requested


Envirohub Marlborough Zero Waste Support Team

$10 per person/ per hour

This covers our time and the use of all Zero Waste equipment available e.g. boilers, reusable crockery etc