Conservation Kids NZ

Kids + Conservation = OUR FUTURE

Our mission 

To inspire the young minds of NZ to take action for conservation!  


We love NZ.  From the native bush to the marine mammals, we are passionate about protecting and preserving this beautiful backyard. 

 It's this passion for conservation that has seen CKNZ grow from its humble beginnings to become a popular and well known club and charitable trust.

 By utilising resources and opportunities available to us in the community we are able to provide safe, fun and educational learning experiences that focus on conservation and the environment. 

Our events unite the young minds of NZ and encourage them to become more involved in conservation on a local, national and international level. 

We strongly believe that it's this environmental education of future generations that will ensure a much brighter future for not only the Marlborough Sounds but NZ as a whole.

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CKNZ Strategic Plan 2022 (1).jpg
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