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Zero Waste Event Services


Zero Waste

Dishwashing Services

  • Provide Zero Waste Services guide for vendors before event + pre-event vendor support

  • Provide reusable crockery and utensils for food vendors (limited capacity so may not be for all vendors / at all times)

  • Collect, wash, rinse, sterilize, dry and return crockery and utensils to vendors

  • Provide trained staff and volunteers to run the Zero Waste Dishwashing Trailer






Zero Waste Trailer - Envirohub Team 03.jpg
Zero Waste Trailer - Interior 2 (1).JPG

Zero Waste

Recycling Services​

  • Provide trained staff and volunteers to manage the recycling station to ensure the bins are not contaminated and the items can be recycled. Recycling bins are available for:

    • Plastic, Aluminium, Clear Glass, Brown Glass, Green Glass, Cardboard

  • Provide friendly and educational information for attendees regarding recycling and zero waste

  • Recycling bins and collection of bins are to be organized by the event planner in conjunction with their waste management company.

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Interested in learning more about organizing a Zero Waste Event? 

Want to book our Zero Waste Dishwashing Trailer and Recycling Stations for your event? 

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