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Why host a Zero Waste Event?


Zero Waste Events

Zero Waste events aim to reduce waste as much as possible with the goal of all waste being recycled, composted or not created in the first place. A Zero Waste approach considers what waste might be created at your event, where it ends up and what can be eliminated or replaced with reusables.







Zero Waste is a journey and it doesn't have to be all or nothing! Small steps towards reducing rubbish are a great way to start!


​Benefits of Zero Waste Events

  • Lets your sponsors, funders and attendees know you care about sustainability

  • Creates an eco-friendly vibe where everyone can feel proud of protecting the environment

  • Reduces litter and needless rubbish adding to the landfill

  • Spreads awareness about sustainable living and the circular economy

  • Minimizes the cost of waste disposal - save $$ replacing rubbish bins with recycling bins

  • Lowers costs for vendors by eliminating expensive disposable serveware. 

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Interested in learning more about Zero Waste events?

Want to have the Zero Waste Dishwashing Trailer and Recycling Stations at your events? 

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