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Zoe Luffman's Environmental Fund

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Envirohub Marlborough is excited to announce the official launch of Zoe Luffman’s Environmental Fund - uplifting and supporting young environmentalist women in Marlborough.

The fund, constructed from the kind and generous donations from the community, including from within and beyond Marlborough, has been set aside for young women in Marlborough aged between 13 and 18 years in support of their local environment projects.

“Our goal is to truly support and uplift our young wāhine in Marlborough undertaking incredible things out there for our environment” says Envirohub Marlborough General Manager, Ailie Suzuki. “Our inspiration for this fund, Zoe, and most of our organisation is made up of passionate, inspirational women, so we felt it appropriate to share our knowledge and experience, helping to boost, celebrate and nurture the next generation.”.


“Through the generosity of our wonderful community we wish to funnel funds back into young people out there making a difference” adds Natasha Luxton, Conservation Kids NZ and Envirohub Marlborough Co-Founder and Trustee. “We also wish to provide guidance and direction through our various networks and connections, thus providing so much more than financial support alone.”.


This fund was inspired by one of Envirohub Marlborough’s original Conservation Kids, Zoe, who from an incredibly young age was motivated to do what she could to protect the beautiful natural environment we all call home. From setting up the Long Island Litter Intelligence project to large-scale beach clean ups at her home of Rarangi, Zoe was determined to make a difference by starting local in order to have a greater global impact. 

In addition to the funds provided, Envirohub Marlborough also wishes to provide support via mentorship, guidance and providing connections to other networks, groups and organisations that are relevant to their project that may assist them in their journey.

"When I was seven, I got involved with... conservation group[s] because I am passionate about the environment and I wanted to help. Then, when I was eleven, I got my dive ticket, so I was able to get involved with the dive clean-ups which is also a passion of mine... [My favourite part of being involved/volunteering is] when people finally start to understand that we need to do something to help this planet. Helping people gives me a huge boost of positivity as it's great to see people smiling!"  Zoe Luffman.

Excerpt  from an interview about volunteering for Rarangi Dawn Chorus.

This fund also welcomes any additional donations to keep the fund, and the support for these young Marlburian women, continuing for as long as possible. To donate, please go to: to make your donation. Any funds collected via this page will automatically be allocated to Zoe Luffman’s Environmental Fund.

Image thanks to the Ministry for Environment

The Zero Waste International Alliance definition of zero waste is:

“Zero Waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use.”

Image thanks to the Zero Waste Network

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