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Kārearea ~
NZ Falcon


Falco novaeseelandiae

The Kārearea Falcon is endemic to NZ - meaning it can only be found here in Aotearoa. We have three types of Falcon in NZ: the Bush Falcon, the Eastern Falcon and the Southern Falcon. Follow along to learn more about our amazing birds of prey!!

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Fern landing, avoid those talons AF 9441.JPG

There are 38 species of Falcon found around the world but only one species is found here in NZ - the Kārearea. 

Today there are estimated to only be about 5,000-8,000 Kārearea left in NZ - making them a threatened species. 

Can you spot the NZ Falcon on our $20 bank note?

Kārearea Facts!




Throughout this page you'll find some fun activities and resources you can explore

at home with your whānau and friends.

Some of these resources have been put together with the help of our fantastic local organisations.

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Image Credit -  Mural found in Dunedin painted by Bruce Mahalski

 There is a Māori saying about how a kārearea’s cry would predict the weather, it goes like this:

Ka tangi te kārewarewa ki waenga o te rangi pai, ka ua āpōpō. Ka tangi ki waenga o te rangi ua, ka paki āpōpō.

Translation - When a kārearea screams in fine weather, next day there’ll be rain. When it screams in the rain, next day will be fine.

Kārearea Facts!

Te Ao


 Art - Kārearea Face Mask

DOC Kārearea Face Mask

Department of Conservation have some really neat kids activities. Including this NZ Falcon face mask, click the image to download the PDF and get colouring!


Kārearea Facts!

& Diet

Kārearea are called 'Birds of Prey' because they hunt other animals like smaller birds, rabbits and hares.

NZ Falcons can fly up to 100kms per hour hunting from up high before diving down to attack their prey. 


Image -Credit -  Marlborough Falcon Trust

CRAFT - Make a Kārearea Scrape

Make a Kārearea Scrape  

Have a go at making your very own Kārearea scrape - Falcon nest. You can even add some eggs to your nest, how many eggs did your falcon lay this season? 

Make a Kārearea Scrape.png
Click the image to download the PDF sheet!
Fern in vineyard.JPG

Image  Credit - Fern, Marlborough Falcon Trust

Kārearea are mostly found in the bush and steep high country throughout Aotearoa. Here in Marlborough they are commonly found around the vineyards hunting for food. 

The only area of NZ you do not see them as often is the far north of the North Island. 

Kārearea Facts!


Kārearea GAMES 

Grab some of your friends or whānau and have a go at these fun Kārearea games and activities.

Rob the Kārearea Nest 


Have a go at this fun game to help demonstrate how predators affect the Falcon nests. Learn what you can do to help them to survive.

Click on the image to download the instructions.


If you give this game a go with your class or some friends take a picture or video and share it with us!

Rob the nest Falcon Game.png

Kārearea Facts!


Kārearea make their nest on the ground, and it is called a 'scrape'. Each breeding season, between spring and summer they can lay anywhere between 1-4 eggs. The baby chicks hatch around 31 days and stay in the nest for up to 45 days before leaving. 

Check out this very cute video from Marlborough Falcon Trust of two birds feeding their chicks.

ACTIVITY - Test Your Knowledge

Test your Kārearea Knowledge

Have a go at testing your knowledge on our native falcon, see what you have learnt.

Falcon fact sheet.png
Click the image to download the quiz!
Click the Falcon to download the answers.
Dash (left) and Wilson AF 7070 small.JPG

Image Credit -  Marlborough Falcon Trust

Did you know that the female Kārearea is bigger than the male? 

Female Kārearea can weigh around 500grams where the male is only about 350grams. 

In this photo you can see the size difference between local Marlborough Falcon Trust residents Dash and Wilson.

Female falcon Dash is on the left and male falcon Wilson is on the right. 

Kārearea Facts!

Crazy Facts!

Other Kārearea / NZ Falcon Resources 

Below you will find links to other Kārearea resources, click the images to take you to the websites. Check them out!

Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust Website

Wingspan, National Bird of Prey Centre Website

Kārearea Fearless Falcon

by Annemarie Florian

Screenshot 2023-07-10 145822.png
Screenshot 2023-07-10 150209.png

Kārearea NZ Falcon

by David Bell

Screenshot 2023-07-10 150243.png

Kārearea Kids Activity Pack 

By Green Grubs

Screenshot 2023-07-10 150703.png

DOC  - Toyota Kiwi Guardian Activity

Help look after our Kārearea NZ Falcons by

becoming a Backyard Detective!

Although the Toyota Kiwi Guardian program has now finished and you can no longer claim the medals, the activities are still a fantastic way for your tamariki to help support conservation and learn about native species.  


Below is a link to the "Backyard Detective" activity instructions!

Make a tracking tunnel to find out what pest species you have in your backyard. Then you will know what action to take to help protect our Kārearea nests.  

Screenshot 2023-02-14 133458.png
Click the image to download a PDF Instruction sheet to learn how to become a Backyard Detective!
Fern head on AF 9648.JPG

Kārearea Facts!


Because our Kārearea like to make their nest on the ground they are often targeted by pests. Stoats, rats, cats and even dogs can steal their eggs. 

Another common threat to Falcons is actually powerlines!

Falcons often perch on powerlines to stalk their prey, but when they open their wings to take flight, they can accidently hit the fittings on the transformer and be electrocuted. 

Fortunately, power companies such as Marlborough Lines are insulating their fittings when they do maintenance on the lines to help protect our Kārearea.


Image Credit - Marlborough Falcon Trust


Image Credit -  Predator Free NZ

So how can we help out native Kārearea?  

The best way to help our Kārearea is to protect their nests, you can do this by helping to control predators in your area. 

If you know of a falcons nest in your area, make sure you keep away from it. Be a responsible cat and dog owner by keeping your pets away from their nest and carry out pest control around your property.

To help with predator control in your community, head on over to

Predator Free NZ and get involved.

Kārearea Facts!

What YOU can do!

Visit a Kārearea NZ Falcon

How to tell the difference between a Falcon and a Swamp Harrier (Hawk) in the wild.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 100302.png

You can see some of our local native falcons up close at the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust -

Head on over to their website to find out more.

Kārearea / NZ Falcon  Gallery 
Images from some of our Kārearea Falcon events

2023 Kārearea NZ Falcon Day