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Kerikeri Organic Tea

New Zealands largest certified organic and fair trade tea company. Bringing you the freshest teas and spices direct from the plantation, hand blended to order by us and delivered direct to you.

We source our tea directly from premium organic tea estates around the world and have it shipped straight to Kerikeri for custom blending. We also source our tea seasonally just after each estate picking, so that our stock rotates faster and our tea remains fresh throughout the year. Because we import directly from tea estates, and not through tea brokers in Europe, we believe we offer the freshest tea in New Zealand.
- We do not use plastic
- Our tea bags are made from paper
- Our tins are reusable and recyclable
- Our bags are reusable and recyclable
- We operate a zero waste policy


Price Range 

Refill prices below
Loose leaf tea (except herbals)
Caddie (regular) $12.00 each
250g refills $21.00 each
500g refills $33.00 each
1kg refills $60.00 each

Herbal loose leaf tea
125g refills $21.00 each
250g refills $33.00 each
500g refills $60.00 each

All tea bag varieties
Caddie (20 bags) $10.00 each
Caddie (100 bags) $21.00 each
Refills 50 bags $9.00 each
Refills 100 bags $17.00 each
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