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Anihana Products

Are you sick of boring beauty products that dry your skin out?
Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a range of fun, luxurious bath and beauty products that left your skin feeling deliciously clean and hydrated?

Well there is…
The products at Anihana Cosmetics are not only vibrant, but are also an all natural treat for your skin!

Anihana soaps are lovingly handcrafted with natural ingredients, to gently cleanse, moisturise and care for your skin. Our hydrating coconut oil also has antioxidant qualities. So relax.... it's all good!

Imagine relaxing in a hot bath whilst your Anihana bath bomb fizzes away around you... enjoy the fruity aroma and let the hydrating coconut oil nourish your skin. Made with natural ingredients and no nasties like SLS, SLES or Parabens... so relax... it's all good!

Clean your hair without worrying about your impact on the environment with our range of hair care products.


Price Range 

All soaps $8 each
Bath bombs $7 each
Scrub bar $7 each
Shampoo bar $11 each
Conditioner bar $11 each
2 in 1 hair bar $11 each
Solid lotion $13 each
Loofah soap $7
Shower Steamers $5
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