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Our passion is to offer sustainable and environmentally conscious products that can easily be incorporated into everyday life.  By working together and thinking ahead, we can all take small steps that make a huge impact in preserving our ecosystem.

Rethink® offers an environmentally pure, 100% biodegradable alternative with certified organic Reusable Fresh Produce Bags – bags specifically designed for your convenience when shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables.
Our Reusable Fresh Produce Bags have been specially designed for your convenience when shopping for fruit and veggies. They are available in two handy sizes with a drawstring to secure your produce in the bag. They also incorporate tare-weight deduction from participating retailers, helping you to quickly complete your shopping.
Our Bulk Bin Bags are made from premium unbleached cotton; ideal for your loose pick-and-mix items. The double-entry drawstring can be tied together to prevent any spillages.
Our Sheeting Bags offer you an affordable alternative to plastic bags. Excellent for carrying your everyday bits and bobs.
Our thick durable Canvas Bags are great for running errands and transporting your heavy shopping. They are designed to last the distance.
Our String Bags are made from premium, unbleached Indian cotton and stretch to hold 15kg; featuring two handle sizes for effortless shopping. Perfect for holding your heavy, bulky items like milk and potatoes.
Our Star Net Bags are thick crocheted reusable shopping bags, ideal for when you are on-the-go. Feel fabulously chic on even the most mundane shopping trips!


Price Range 

Multi pack (2 large, 1 small) $10 per pack
Large pack (3x large bags) $13 per pack
Bulk Bin bags (3x small) $13 per pack
Bread bag $20 each
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