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Past Adventures

World Albatross Day

On June 19th 2020 we celebrated the first ever World Albatross day

Bat Night

Learning all about the Long Tail Bat that lives here at Pelorus Bridge

Making Tracking Tunnels and Lizard Lounges

Our kids had a hand at making Pest tracking tunnels and Lizard Lounges.

Branford Park

Exploring Branford park the Edible walk

Visiting the Koru Wildlife Centre

We went to learn all about the NZ Giant Weta at the Koru Wildlife Centre

Kakapo Day

We learnt all about the Kakapo and then did a fundraiser to adopt one.

Exploring Momorangi Bay

Exploring the beauty of Momorangi Bay

Grovetown Lagoons Clean up

Doing our part to keep our water ways clean, kids did a clean up around the Grovetown Lagoons

Honey Bee Event

We learnt all about the honey bee and what they do for our environment

Building Weta Motels

We built Weta Motels to hang up at the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve

Kaipupu Sanctuary Trip

Our very first ever trip as a group to the wild life sanctuary

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